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Liquid Applied Membrane Products

Facts and Information

A better building envelope for every project

Controlling the leakage of air and water is fundamental to designing an energy-efficient building.We can offer air & water barrier solutions for new and existing construction to seal from the exterior. Our liquid applied membrane products help prevent the unwanted movement of water and air through building envelopes.

Rough Opening & Transition - Seals the rough opening before the installation of windows & doors and other transitions.

Primary Wall Barrier - Stop air and water from getting into the structural wall. Available in a variety of vapor permeable options to meet your building’s needs.

Air Tightening - Seals windows and doors to the rough opening in new construction and retrofits.

The Benefits of Liquid Applied Membrane

Why use liquid applied membrane products? Here are just a few benefits.

Energy Efficient

The R-Guard air barrier systems stop air leakage through wall structures, rough openings, sheathing seams, and material transitions. This is crucial for an airtight and waterproof building envelope.

Faster To Install

Rough Openings are 34% faster to install with R-Guard than with traditional peel-and-stick products.

High Performing

Applying a peel-and-stick air barrier involves 72 interfaces or 72 opportunities for air and water leakage. With the R-Guard system, you get one seamless, leak-free membrane. Which do you prefer?

Proven Durability

In 2015, R-Guard FastFlash was independently verified to perform as intended in a 10-year study, the longest proven performance of any fluid-applied flashing material on the market.

Better Building Envelope

Airtight is the magic word when it comes to energy-efficient construction. That’s why we offer a diverse line of air and water barriers to make building envelopes airtight yet breathable.

Getting the right R-value in a wall is all about airtightness. And no place offers a greater opportunity for air leakage than a rough opening. Our R-Guard air barrier systems stop air leakage through rough openings while still allowing them to dry out should they become wet. This is crucial for an airtight and waterproof building envelope.

Details become complicated in the transitions. They’re one of the easiest places for air to leak through. With R-Guard, you get a one-size-fits-all solution. Our fluid applied water-resistive air barriers cover your deflection joints, expansion joints, and everything in between. The most complicated detail you’ve ever seen is a cinch to make air and waterproof with R-Guard.

When it comes to protecting a structure’s building envelope with a primary air barrier, the method, and the material matter. A lot. If you pick peel-and-stick, you’re looking at a big increase in labor over fluid-applied products and a paper-thin product that just doesn’t hold up. The R-Guard suite of products delivers a seamless, leak-free membrane without any overlaps of paper while also saving labor costs. Which do you prefer?

Solutions for Every Project

R-Guard offers a complete air and water barrier system to make building envelopes airtight yet breathable. Our R-Guard products control the leakage of air and water through the wall assembly and enable walls to dry out when they inevitably get wet.

Fiber-reinforced fill coat and seam treatment

Easy application gun-and-spread Joint & Seam Filler speeds preparation of sheathing seams and rough openings by eliminating the need for joint reinforcing tapes.

Liquid-applied flashing membrane

Instantly waterproof, this liquid flashing membrane for rough openings allows same-day installation of
windows, doors and other wall-assembly, waterproofing or air barrier components.

Air and waterproof barrier

This primary air and waterproof barrier stops water and air penetration of building envelopes in mild conditions to the drenching rains and 155 mph winds of a Category 5 hurricane.

Fluid-applied air & water-resistive barrier

 Spray MVP is a fluid-applied air and water-resistive barrier that stops air and water leakage in cavity wall, masonry veneer construction, as well as in stucco, EIFS and most other building wall assemblies. Once applied, Spray MVP quickly dries into a rubberized, highly durable, water-resistant, vapor-permeable membrane.

Building Greener Homes

Many PROSOCO product formulations surpass the highest green standards in contemporary building design and construction. All of this is part of PROSOCO's broader mission to make products that maximize building energy efficiency, durability and resiliency while leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

Compared with other fluid applied manufacturers R-Guard STPEs are higher solids and produce a more durable membrane. Solvent free, phthalate free and Red-List compliant, R-Guard STPE air and water barrier products help satisfy the most stringent green standards set forth by the industry’s leading organizations such as the International Living Future Institute, U.S. Green Building Council and Passive House.

PROSOCO is proud to provide LEED v4 ready solutions to help create low-impact, robust wall and floor assemblies for efficient buildings that owners and occupants will love. Look here for third-party certified low-emitting products compliant with CDPH 01350, low-VOC exterior coatings, and comprehensive air and water-resistive barrier coating and sealant systems.



R-Guard STPE products help satisfy the highest green standards established by organizations such as the International Living Future Institute, Passive House and U.S. Green Building Council requirements in contemporary design and construction. It’s all part of our broader mission to minimize impact on the natural environment. Many R-Guard products are third party certified for indoor air quality performance. We also partner with leaders in product transparency to provide disclosure of product content and associated health information.

Exterior Products For A Better Building Envelope

Don't take chances with your building - create an air tight building from the start. With solutions for new and existing construction to seal from the exterior.